Hosted Solutions

Easily keep up with technology. Cut expenses

No upgrades to worry about

Technology is always changing. And undoubtedly it can be hard to keep up. I mean come on, you have a business to run. There are more important things on your plate than following the latest tech! And besides, all these constant updates and upgrades can eat a hole in your wallet. Not good.

That’s why we offer Trinets’ Hosted Solutions. With this service, you’ll avoid the expense of purchasing, licensing and hosting your own applications. Instead we host your applications and software for you.

You’ll not only save money, but also the time required to research, update and manage your technology – easing the pressure on in-house IT resources in the process.

Hosted Solutions from Trinet offer:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – to secure the safety and reliability of your emails
  • Hosted Microsoft Office – to foster teamwork and simplify collaboration

For the latest technology without the hassle, the answer is Hosted Solutions by Trinet Solutions.

Discover how we can make your business more efficient, streamlined and profitable.

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